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  • Status: not currently being used, but is probably needed for proper stats display in controlbar
  • Purpose: any simple data which needs to be both persistent and easily updateable by the code
    • currently needed for tracking the current order number
    • later, may be used for storing calculated statistics for the sidebar
  • History:
    • 2009-09-27 renamed from "stats" to "var_global" to reflect new purpose
      • Name length increased from 32 to 255 to make it easier to indicate hierarchy, if needed
      • Added When* fields, mainly as a sort of debug/reality check


<mysql> CREATE TABLE `var_global` (

   `Name`    VARCHAR(255)     NOT NULL COMMENT "name of variable",
   `Value`   VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "value of variable",
   `WhenCreated` DATETIME     NOT NULL COMMENT "when variable was first created",
   `WhenUpdated` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when variable's value was changed",
) ENGINE = MYISAM;</mysql>