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This documentation is obsolete, and is being kept solely for archival purposes.
The shop_cart_event table was merged into Ferreteria's general events system version 2 and is no longer used.


  • Status: OBSOLETE, no longer used; merged with system events (apparently in 2014)
  • Purpose: Keeps a log of everything that happens to each shopping cart
  • History:
    • 2009-07-18 Created
    • 2014-07-08 Suddenly realized that this is redundant; it's just a system event with ModType of cart and ID_Cart -> ModIndex
  • Fields:
    • WhatCode: This might later be replaced by a shop_cart_event_type ID, but it should be sufficient for now


DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `shop_cart_event`;
CREATE TABLE `shop_cart_event` (
  `ID`        INT              NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `ID_Cart`   INT              NOT NULL COMMENT "shop_cart.ID",
  `WhenDone`  DATETIME         NOT NULL COMMENT "when this event occurred",
  `WhatCode`  VARCHAR(7)       NOT NULL COMMENT "event type code",
  `WhatDescr` VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "human-readable description of event (optional)",
  `ID_Sess`   INT              NOT NULL COMMENT "shop_session.ID",
  `VbzUser`   VARCHAR(127) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "username, if available",
  `Machine`   VARCHAR(63)      NOT NULL COMMENT "some way of identifying the user's machine -- network name or IP address",
  `Notes`     VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "human-entered notes, if needed",