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  • Purpose: This is a simple table for retaining customer data entered at check-out time before converting the cart to an order.
  • Relates to: parent: shop_cart
  • History:
    • 2009-07-24 renamed: shop_cust_data -> shop_cart_data; changed ID_Key -> Type
    • 2009-08-02 removed "ID" field; now using ID_Cart+Type as primary key
    • 2014-11-04 renamed "Type" field to "ID_Type"
    • 2015-01-20 added WhenCrypt field
    • 2019-07-25 this table has been obsolete/unused for months (in dev code)


  • ID_Type: numeric constants are currently defined in vbz-const-ckout.php.
  • WhenCrypt: this is primarily a signal that Val has been encrypted. If it is NULL, then Val is plaintext. This is so we can encrypt sensitive data left in shopping carts.


DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `shop_cart_data`;
CREATE TABLE `shop_cart_data` (
  `ID_Cart`    INT NOT NULL COMMENT "shop_cart.ID",
  `ID_Type`    INT NOT NULL COMMENT "data type - defined in code",
  `Val`        VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL COMMENT "Value of data item",
  `WhenCrypt`  DATETIME DEFAULT NULL "when encrypted (NULL = is plaintext)",
  PRIMARY KEY(`ID_Cart`,`Type`)