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  • Purpose: Master record for a restock (wholesale) shipment received
  • Related:
    • rstk_rcd_line lists the contents of this shipment
    • rstk_req has the restock requests, each of which may have one or more restock shipments received against it
  • Future:
    • Should this table be named rstk_shp, and terminology changed from "restock received" to "restock shipment"?


  • InvcCondition: an integer describing the condition of the invoice paperwork --
    • 0 = absent (no invoices found)
    • 1 = partial (one or more pages missing/illegible)
    • 2 = complete (all pages located and legible)
  • TrackingCode: eventually there will be a table of carriers so we can retrieve tracking info or at least pull it up from the web
  • TotalInvFinal: Final = Merch + Ship + Adj


  • 2008-11-07 Created
  • 2008-12-17 Added InvcEntry field
  • 2016-01-06 Renamed ID_Restock to ID_Request
  • 2016-01-13 Added ID_Supplier and ID_Warehouse fields (we previously had to look them up in the Request) because:
    • There might be restocks received without a Request that can reasonably be attached to them
      • ...especially when entering old invoices, but possibly during the normal course of business
    • A restock might presumably be sent to a different Warehouse than where it was expected.
    • Having to look up the Request to get that information adds extra complexity.


<mysql>CREATE TABLE `rstk_rcd` (

  `ID_Request`     INT COMMENT "rstk_req.ID of restock request fulfilled by this shipment",
  `ID_Supplier`    INT NOT NULL COMMENT "cat_supp.ID of supplier",
  `ID_Warehouse`   INT COMMENT "stk_whse.ID of ship-to warehouse",
  `SuppInvcNum`    VARCHAR(63)  COMMENT "supplier's invoice number",
  `CarrierDescr`   VARCHAR(63)  COMMENT "shipping carrier (UPS, USPS...)",
  `InvcEntry`      TEXT DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "invoice lines as parseable text",
  `WhenShipped`    DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when supplier shipped the package",
  `WhenReceived`   DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when package was received from supplier",
  `WhenDebited`    DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when charge for order was debited",
  `TrackingCode`   VARCHAR(63)  COMMENT "carrier's tracking number",
  `TotalCalcMerch` DECIMAL(9,2) COMMENT "total cost of merchandise calculated from contents of received restock",

/* from supplier invoice */

  `TotalInvMerch`  DECIMAL(9,2) COMMENT "total cost of merchandise invoiced",
  `TotalInvShip`   DECIMAL(9,2) COMMENT "total shipping cost invoiced",
  `TotalInvAdj`    DECIMAL(9,2) COMMENT "total invoice adjustments",
  `TotalInvFinal`  DECIMAL(9,2) COMMENT "final total on invoice (must match amt paid)",
  `InvcCondition`  INT DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "do we have all the paperwork for this invoice?",
  `PayMethod`      VARCHAR(63)  COMMENT "how payment was made, if not same as restock request",
  `Notes`          TEXT DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "human-entered notes",
ENGINE = MYISAM;</mysql>