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This documentation is obsolete, and is being kept solely for archival purposes.
The ord_pull table is being replaced by event_vc_ord_change. See migration for details.


  • Purpose: Log of order pulls/releases
  • Notes: this will eventually be replaced by ord_change
  • Relates to: core_orders, ord_pull_type
  • Fields:
    • WhenFreed (was WhenReleased): when the pull was cancelled/revoked; if it is set, this pull is inactive
    • Notes* may include quite lengthy explanations of what happened (similar to ord_msg)
  • History:
    • 2009-07-09 Adapted from MS Access
    • 2009-07-10 Expanded "Notes" from VARCHAR(255) to MEDIUMTEXT
    • 2009-10-27 Added user/machine fields; Notes -> NotesPull, added NotesFree
      • This should ease the transition to using the ord_change table
    • 2017-06-02 Migrating to event_vc_ord_hold; documenting migration process.


CREATE TABLE `ord_pull` (
  `ID`         INT            NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
  `ID_Ord`     INT            NOT NULL COMMENT "core_orders.ID",
  `ID_Type`    INT            NOT NULL COMMENT "ord_pull_type.ID",
  `WhenPulled` DATETIME       NOT NULL COMMENT "when this pull occurred",
  `WhenFreed`  DATETIME   DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when this pull was dropped",
/* fields relating to who pulled the order */
  `VbzUser`    VARCHAR(127)            COMMENT "VbzCart username, if available",
  `SysUser`    VARCHAR(127)            COMMENT "operating system username, if available",
  `Machine`    VARCHAR(63)    NOT NULL COMMENT "network name or IP address of client",
  `NotesPull`  MEDIUMTEXT DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "human-added notes about the pull",
  `NotesFree`  MEDIUMTEXT DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "human-added notes about the release",