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  • Purpose: Admin-maintained table for different types of holds on orders (aka order pulls) and how the order itself is affected by each type
  • Relates to: event_vc_ord_hold
  • Ancestor: ord_pull_type


  • 2008-12-27 Extracted from main "tables" listing, no design changes; no documentation yet, either
  • 2009-07-12 Removed isActive field; added "Hold" to field names for directional consistency (+1 always turns on an alert); preliminary documentation
  • 2009-10-18
    • changing type for alert flags from TINYINT to TINYINT(1); the default seems to be TINYINT(4)
      • BIT(2) would work, but there doesn't seem to be any clean way to represent -1
    • renaming from ord_event_type to ord_change_type; will eventually replace ord_pull_type
  • 2017-06-01
    • Renamed Descr to About; changed ENGINE from MYISAM to InnoDB.
    • Added OptionGroup from ord_pull_type.
  • 2017-06-02 Renamed from ord_change_type to ord_hold_type; see event_vc_ord_hold for explanation/details.


  • alert flags: each one indicates a change to be made to the order status, which is recorded in event_vc_ord_change. See below for details.
  • OptionGroup - optional group section text for drop-down lists. Rows with the same text will be grouped together in drop-down lists.

alert flags

The alert flag fields each have 3 possible values:

0 = no change

Each one affects the corresponding field in the order (not yet implemented as of 2009-07-12) as described above when an event of the type defined in this record occurs

If the order has any one of these flags set, then the order is "on hold".

The flags are (with their meanings when set TRUE in event_vc_ord_change):

  • doHoldRstk - set = do not base restock requests on this order's items
  • doHoldChrg - set = do not make any debits from the customer for this order (wait for confirmation)
  • doContact - set = contact the customer before proceeding (do we need a separate "no payment" flag?)
  • doExamine - set = something about this order needs further examination (explanation in event notes)
  • We may also want a "doHoldShip" flag, to indicate that shipping should be delayed
  • Eventually, maybe we need an ord_action table, listing all the possible actions which might be flagged (instead of having them as fixed fields). Or maybe that doesn't work.


<mysql>CREATE TABLE `ord_hold_type` (

 `Display`      VARCHAR(63) COMMENT "brief name for this event type",
 `About`        VARCHAR(127) COMMENT "longer description of usage",
 `OptionGroup`  VARCHAR(45) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "Optional grouping name",
 `doHoldRstk` TINYINT(1) COMMENT "forbid(+1)/allow(-1) restocking this order's items",
 `doHoldChrg` TINYINT(1) COMMENT "forbid(+1)/allow(-1) charging bank card for this order",
 `doContact`  TINYINT(1) COMMENT "turn on(+1)/off(-1) need-to-contact flag for this order",
 `doExamine`  TINYINT(1) COMMENT "turn on(+1)/off(-1) need-to-examine flag for this order",

) ENGINE = InnoDB;</mysql>