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  • Purpose: represents the availability of a Local Catalog Title from a particular Supplier Source (catalog), in a particular Group (set of types/options/prices)
  • Part of: pieces/catalog/building
  • Procedure: Any new Titles in a given Source must be entered into the Local Catalog before they can be used here.
  • Future: Rename ID_Title field to ID_LCTitle, for disambiguation. Maybe ID_Group and ID_Source should be ID_SCGroup and ID_SCSource, for consistency.


  • ID_Title: the Local Catalog Title for which this record represents availability from a Source
  • Code: Still reconstructing what this is for.
  • Descr: Still reconstructing what this is for. Schema comment said "required if Code is used", but it is often NULL when Code is not NULL -- so changing that to "recommended if Code is used".
  • Supp_CatNum: the catalog number that the Supplier was assigning to this title for this catalog (sometimes the numbers change). This can be used both to note the SuppCatNum for the LCTitle (for checking in Restocks) and also to help track down the correct Title record for CatNums in old records (mainly printed).


  • 2016-02-04
    • Removing GroupSort -- I'm still figuring out how the former Group* fields are supposed to be used, and GroupSort is NULL in all existing records. If it's ever needed, document how it is supposed to work.
    • Renaming GroupCode and GroupDescr to Code and Descr to be consistent with naming in ctg_groups.
    • Changing ID_Title to NOT NULL.
  • 2017-06-12 Changed engine from MYISAM to InnoDB


<mysql>CREATE TABLE `ctg_titles` (

 ID          INT          NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
 ID_Title    INT          NOT NULL COMMENT "cat_titles.ID",
 ID_Group    INT      DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "ctg_groups.ID",
 ID_Source   INT      DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "ctg_sources.ID - source which enables this selection",
 WhenDiscont DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "non-sourced discontinuation",
 Code   VARCHAR(7)    DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "optional catalog code extension",
 Descr  VARCHAR(127)  DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "description extension (recommended if Code is used)",
 isActive    BOOL     DEFAULT FALSE COMMENT "this group-title membership is active?",
 Supp_CatNum VARCHAR(15)  DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "catalog # for restock from supplier",
 Notes       VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "notes about this particular title's availability in this group",

) ENGINE = InnoDB;</mysql>