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  • ID_Supercede: Supplier Catalogs.ID of catalog which supercedes this one; NULL = this one is current
    • It can be set to point to the current record if the superceding catalog has not been entered or is not known.
  • isCloseOut:
    • TRUE = this catalog is a list of discontinued items no longer in print (closeouts) but still available for the moment
    • FALSE = normal catalog; items will be marked as "in print"
  • WhenUpdated: When this record was last saved. This is actually significant for catalog building because it is copied to LCItem.Supp_LastUpdate. Presumably any time the record is edited, the editor would not leave the ID_Supercede field NULL if the catalog was not still current.
  • DateActive: The approximate earliest date of the catalog's effectiveness (e.g. "Spring 20xx" would be 20xx-03-15 or so, or date received if earlier)
  • DateExpires: The approximate date when the catalog is no longer expected to apply (e.g. "20xx Catalog" would be 20xx-12-31)


  • 2017-06-18 Changed engine from MYISAM to InnoDB; added LastUpdate
  • 2017-06-19 Added DateExpires
  • 2017-06-20 Renaming DateAvail to DateActive, mainly for aesthetic reasons


  • A "source" is usually a printed catalog from a supplier, though it can also be the manufacturer's web site on a particular date.
  • To discontinue a supplier, set ID_Supercede=ID for all active sources; the catalog will then show only current stock as available.


<mysql>CREATE TABLE `ctg_sources` (

 ID          INT          NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
 Name        VARCHAR(63)  NOT NULL COMMENT "name of source",
 Abbr        VARCHAR(15)  NOT NULL COMMENT "abbreviation, for drop-down lists",
 ID_Supplier INT          NOT NULL COMMENT "Suppliers.ID - supplier for this source",
 DateActive  DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "earliest date on which this source is valid",
 DateExpires DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "estimated date on which this source expires",
 LastUpdate  TIMESTAMP        NULL ON UPDATE NOW() COMMENT "automatically updated when record changes",
 ID_Supercede INT     DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "[Supplier Catalogs].ID of catalog which supercedes this one, if any",
 isCloseOut  BOOL    DEFAULT FALSE COMMENT "is this a close-out catalog?",

) ENGINE = InnoDB;</mysql>