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  • Purpose: Specifies which item varieties/prices are available in a group
  • Part of: pieces/catalog/building
  • History:
    • 2011-02-13 added Sort field
    • 2017-06-12 changed engine from MYISAM to InnoDB


<mysql>CREATE TABLE `ctg_items` (

 ID             INT              NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
 ID_Group       INT              NOT NULL COMMENT "ctg_groups.ID",
 ID_ItTyp       INT              NOT NULL COMMENT "cat_ittyps.ID -- basic item type",
 ID_ItOpt       INT          DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "cat_itopts.ID -- option for this item",
 Descr          VARCHAR(63)               COMMENT "name or description for this item/option",
 Sort           VARCHAR(15)  DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "sorting order for display",
 PriceBuy       DECIMAL(9,2) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "cost to us",
 PriceSell      DECIMAL(9,2) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "our price to retail customer",
 PriceList      DECIMAL(9,2) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "supplier's suggested retail price",
 ID_ShipCost    INT          DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "cat_ship_costs.ID",
 isActive       BOOL        DEFAULT FALSE COMMENT "this group/type/option is available",

) ENGINE = InnoDB;</mysql>