VbzCart/tables/core restocks

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To be replaced by VbzCart/tables/core_restock_new


<mysql>CREATE TABLE `core_restocks` (

  `ID_Supplier`    INT NOT NULL COMMENT "cat_supp.ID of supplier",
  `ID_Warehouse`   INT COMMENT "cat_supp.ID of receiving warehouse",
  `PurchOrdNum`    VARCHAR(63) COMMENT "our purchase order number",
  `SuppOrdNum`     VARCHAR(63) COMMENT "supplier's order number",
  `SuppInvcNum`    VARCHAR(63) COMMENT "supplier's invoice number",
  `CarrierDescr`   VARCHAR(63) COMMENT "shipping carrier (UPS, USPS...)",

/* eventually there will be a table of carriers so we can retrieve tracking info or at least pull it up from the web */

  `TrackingCode`   VARCHAR(63) COMMENT "carrier's tracking number",
  `TotalCalcMerch` DECIMAL(9,2) COMMENT "total cost of merchandise calculated by us",
  `TotalEstFinal`  DECIMAL(9,2) COMMENT "estimate of final charge",
  /* amounts from supplier invoice */
  `TotalInvMerch`  DECIMAL(9,2) COMMENT "total cost of merchandise invoiced",
  `TotalInvShip`   DECIMAL(9,2) COMMENT "total shipping cost invoiced",
  `TotalInvAdj`    DECIMAL(9,2) COMMENT "total invoice adjustments",

/* Final = Merch + Ship + Adj */

  `TotalInvFinal`  DECIMAL(9,2) COMMENT "final total on invoice (must match amt paid)",
  `PayMethod`      VARCHAR(63) COMMENT "how payment was made (typically: which credit card?)",
  `WhenCreated`    DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when restock order was started (created)",
  `WhenOrdered`    DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when order was placed with supplier",
  `WhenConfirmed`  DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when order was confirmed with supplier",
  `WhenKilled`     DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when order was negated, cancelled, or otherwise terminated unsuccessfully",
  `WhenShipped`    DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when supplier shipped the package",
  `WhenReceived`   DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when package was received from supplier",
  `WhenDebited`    DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when charge for order was debited",
  `WhenExpectedOrig` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when we originally expected to receive order",
  `WhenExpectedFinal` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "most recent ETA",
  `isLocked`       BOOL DEFAULT FALSE COMMENT "TRUE = items may not be edited",
  `isInvcComplete` BOOL DEFAULT FALSE COMMENT "NO = part of invoice is missing (lost, not filed, etc.); YES = we have complete invoice",
  `isInvcPartial`  BOOL DEFAULT FALSE COMMENT "NO = invoice is all together; YES = part of invoice is missing",
  `isInvcAbsent`   BOOL DEFAULT FALSE COMMENT "YES = no invoice paperwork from supplier (invoice is known to exist from bank records or earlier data entry)",
  `Notes`          TEXT DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "human-entered notes",
ENGINE = MYISAM;</mysql>


  • TotalEstFinal has been largely unnecessary, but it may become useful again for budget planning (especially during heavy buying seasons)
  • isInvc* fields are meaningless if restock package has not yet been received; one or both of WhenReceived and WhenDebited should be non-NULL in this case, but there may be some situations where we don't know either of those -- so there should probably be an isRecd flag (add this later).