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  • Purpose: catalog titles within departments
  • Related:
  1. REDIRECT Template:l/vc/table (parent), cat_supp (parent)
  • Future: The design of this table will probably change some, as there are deprecated fields to be removed
    • Rename Desc to Descr because "Desc" is an SQL keyword
    • Possibly another field specifically for text that appears in the Title's image(s) -- or should that be tied to the Images data?
    • Also possibly another field for an "alt=" description (what the thing actually looks like, in words)
    • ID_License should go with Images (earlier, was thinking this could be tracked as a Topic, but making it image-specific makes more sense -- e.g. a photo of a model wearing a shirt should be licensed differently than the image of the pattern that goes on the shirt)


  • 2011-09-28 adding ID_Supp field, making ID_Dept DEFAULT NULL (and optional)
    • The code doesn't know this yet, but it will get fixed as time permits.
    • Once the code is rewritten and any remaining Dept data is migrated to Topics, we can remove ID_Dept.
  • 2016-01-17 changed Notes from VARCHAR(255) to TEXT because notes, while rare, are sometimes long.
    • Eventually, Ferreteria will provide a wiki-like content management API...


<mysql> CREATE TABLE `cat_titles` (

 `ID`          int(11) unsigned     NOT NULL auto_increment,
 `Name`        varchar(127),
 `CatKey`      varchar(63)          NOT NULL,
 `ID_Supp`     INT(11) UNSIGNED     NOT NULL COMMENT "cat_supp.ID",
 `ID_Dept`     int(11) UNSIGNED DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "cat_dept.ID (optional)",
 `ID_License`  int(11)          DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "DEPRECATED",
 `DateAdded`   datetime         DEFAULT NULL,
 `DateChecked` datetime         DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'DEPRECATED',
 `DateUnavail` datetime         DEFAULT NULL,
 `RstkMin`     int(11) unsigned DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "minimum qty that can be ordered from supplier",
 `Supplier_CatNum`     varchar(31) COMMENT "supplier's catalog # for this title",
 `Supplier_CatNum_Alt` varchar(31) COMMENT 'DEPRECATED',
 `Desc`        tinytext            COMMENT 'descriptive text for display on web - DEPRECATED (use wiki)',
 `Search`      varchar(255)        COMMENT 'additional keywords for searching, but not displayed',
 `Notes`       TEXT                COMMENT 'internal notes; not displayed or searched - DEPRECATED (use wiki)',