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  • Purpose: This turned out to be the only non-klugey way to translate between requested URL and which page to display. It's also the data-driven equivalent of the old static-page-generation system, upon which the URL scheme is still based – so it's inherently less likely to result in URL-decoding anomalies. I think.
  • Built by: Upd_CatPages


<mysql>DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `cat_pages`; CREATE TABLE `cat_pages` (

 `AB` varchar(31) NOT NULL COMMENT "Type+ID_Row: unique identifier",
 `Path` varchar(63) NOT NULL COMMENT 'URI of page',
 `ID_Row` INT NOT NULL COMMENT 'ID of row from appropriate table',
 `Type` CHAR NOT NULL COMMENT 'type of page: S=supplier, D=dept, T=title, I=image',