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  • Purpose: Aggregate table listing all places where stock can be, mainly for the history table
  • Status: NOT USED; use
  1. REDIRECT Template:l/vc/query instead
  • Fields:
    • Name: auto-generated but hopefully somewhat descriptive and human-readable name for this container


<mysql>DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `_stk_containers`; CREATE TABLE `_stk_containers` (

  `IDS` varchar(31) NOT NULL COMMENT "Type + ID_forType: unique ID for this container, across all types",
  `Type` char(1) NOT NULL COMMENT "identifies which type of container each record refers to",
  `ID_forType` INT NOT NULL COMMENT "record's unique ID for that type",
  `Name` varchar(63) NOT NULL COMMENT "auto-generated human-readable name for this container",
  `When` DATETIME COMMENT "applicable date, as a somewhat more human-readable cue for some of the container types",
) ENGINE = MYISAM;</mysql>