VbzCart/queries/qryRstkReq Items expected

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  • Purpose: Returns a list of items we're currently expecting to receive in restocks, based on items requested (in active restock requests only) less items already received for those requests
  • Requires:
  1. REDIRECT Template:l/vc/query
  • Used by : DEPRECATED - seems less accurate than qryRstkItms_expected_byItem
  • Related: Like qryRstkItms_expected, but grouped by Item (eliminates rstk_req data)
  • History:
    • 2010-01-03 Created for generating list of needed items
    • 2010-01-04 This query now deprecated and can probably be deleted; using QtyExp instead of QtyOrd for verification of results


<mysql>CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW qryRstkReq_Items_expected AS SELECT

 SUM(QtyRecd) AS QtyRecd,
 SUM(QtyExp) AS QtyExp

FROM qryRstkReq_Item_status GROUP BY ID_Item HAVING SUM(QtyExp)-SUM(QtyRecd)>0;</mysql>