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  • Requires: ord_pkgs
  • Returns: "done" quantity for every line of all packages which have been checked in each order
    • In order to return a current quantity status for each item in an order, this query should be filtered for that order ID (ID_Order) and then summed in code; summing in SQL and then filtering doesn't speed things up. (There's probably a way to do this in MySQL using advanced syntax I haven't dug into yet.)
  • History:
    • 2011-05-31 created for packing slips
    • 2011-06-01 added p.Seq so code can filter for packages before the current one -- so that the results will be the same (at least in theory) even after other packages have been created


<mysql>CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW qryPkgLines_qtys_done AS SELECT

 (IFNULL(pl.QtyShipped,0) + IFNULL(pl.QtyKilled,0) + IFNULL(pl.QtyNotAvail,0)) AS QtyDone


 ord_pkgs AS p LEFT JOIN
 ord_pkg_lines as pl ON pl.ID_Pkg=p.ID

WHERE (WhenChecked IS NOT NULL);</mysql>