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  • Returns: List of items where we need more of them, either to fill orders or to meet minimum stock levels. Accounts for restock items already requested and items currently in stock.
  • Requires:
  1. REDIRECT Template:l/vc/query
  • Used by:
  • History:
    • 2008-11-18 created for new restocking process
    • 2008-11-19 added additional fields from revised union query
    • 2008-11-22 various quantities need to be SUMmed, else we got the wrong answer (probably just the first matching row)
  • Notes: It might be a good diagnostic to run this query without the final "HAVING" clause (or with QtyToGet<0) and look for anything that doesn't make sense. Hopefully most of the negative numbers are overstocked items and unclosed restock requests (they should be closed).


<mysql>CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW qryItms_to_restock AS SELECT

 COUNT(ID_Item) AS DupCount,
 SUM(iru.QtyOpen) AS QtyOpen,
 SUM(iru.QtyForSale) AS QtyForSale,
 SUM(iru.QtyMin_Stk) AS QtyMin_Stk,
 SUM(iru.QtyOnOrder) AS QtyOnOrder,
   AS QtyToGet

FROM qryItms_to_restock_union AS iru GROUP BY ID_Item HAVING QtyToGet>0;</mysql>