VbzCart/queries/qryCbx Items for sale

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  • Requires: qryCbx_Items_data
  • Used by:
  • Notes:
    • Future refinement: no need to display CatNum, Supp_CatNum, i.Descr if i.isPulled
  • History:
    • ????-??-?? Added more fields for forms which want to display Descr from this query but also need those fields (e.g. Restock Items form):
      • ID_Title, CatNum, PriceSell, QtyMin_Stk
    • ????-??-?? Added isPulled so qryCbx_Items_active can display only non-pulled items (less bandwidth = faster loading)


<mysql>CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW qryCbx_Items_for_sale AS SELECT ID, Descr FROM qryCbx_Items_data WHERE isForSale ORDER BY CatNum;</mysql>