VbzCart/procs/update cat items fr qryCtg build

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  • Status: Apparently disused.
  • Requires: cat_items,
  1. REDIRECT Template:l/vc/query
  • History:
    • 2010-11-09 Found this procedure in the database, but could not identify where it was being used. As there was no documentation of it either, I am documenting it here and removing it from the database.


<mysql> DROP PROCEDURE IF EXISTS `update_cat_items_fr_qryCtg_build`; CREATE PROCEDURE `update_cat_items_fr_qryCtg_build`()

 UPDATE qryCtg_build AS r LEFT JOIN cat_items AS i ON r.ID_Item=i.ID
   i.CatNum = r.CatNum,
   i.isForSale = r.isForSale,
   i.isInPrint = r.isInPrint,
   i.isCloseOut = r.isCloseOut,
   i.isPulled = FALSE,
   i.isDumped = FALSE,
   i.ID_ItTyp = r.ID_ItTyp,
   i.ID_ItOpt = r.ID_ItOpt,
   i.ItOpt_Descr = IFNULL(r.ItOpt_Descr,i.ItOpt_Descr),
   i.ItOpt_Sort = r.ItOpt_Sort,
   i.ID_ShipCost = r.ID_ShipCost,
   i.PriceBuy = r.PriceBuy,
   i.PriceSell = r.PriceSell,
   i.PriceList = r.PriceList,
   i.GrpCode = r.GrpCode,
   i.GrpDescr = r.GrpDescr,
   i.GrpSort = r.GrpSort,
   i.CatSfx = r.CatSfx
 WHERE r.ID_Item IS NOT NULL;</mysql>