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  • Purpose: places where stock items may be kept directly (without being surrounded by any additional levels of container)
  • Depends on: places
  • Adapted from: VbzCart/tables/stk bins


<mysql> CREATE TABLE `bins` (

 `ID_Place`     INT(11)     NOT NULL COMMENT "places.ID",
 `Code`     VARCHAR(15)     NOT NULL COMMENT "code name meaningful to user -- can be barcode or just something written on the box",
 `Descr`    VARCHAR(63) DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'brief summary of contents or container',
 `WhenCreated` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'date when container was added to the database',
 `WhenVoided`  DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT 'date when container was destroyed or removed from usage',
 `WhenTainted` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "if NOT NULL, this bin needs re-inventorying",
 `WhenCounted` DATETIME DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "timestamp of when bin's contents were last inventoried",
 `Notes`           TEXT,

) ENGINE=MyISAM; </mysql>