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  • The Author creates all the Cards for any given universe (I'm using "universe" to mean e.g. SnowRPG or Fallen London).
  • Cards are basically choices (presented to the Player) or events that result from the Player's choices.
  • Cards are visually presented as being in a "deck", but this is kind of a misleading metaphor since at any given time only some Cards are available (i.e. those with no restrictions plus those for which the Player qualifies at present)
  • The Author determines the conditions under which each card may appear (i.e. the qualifications).
  • Conditions are generally based on the value of one or more Character Qualities at any given moment.
  • Cards have a few special Qualities which apply only to them.

Card Qualities

  • Discardable (on/off): player can get rid of card without playing it
  • Retainable (on/off): if the user's Qualities change so that they no longer qualify for a Card they've been dealt, the Card remains among their choices; it is "grandfathered" in.
  • Opportunity vs. Always:
    • An "opportunity" is a card that's in your hand, so one that appears at random if you have the required qualities.
    • "Always" cards are cards that are always available (so long as you meet the requirements)