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Every Player has one or more Characters that they control. There are usually other automatic (non-Player) characters (NPCs), and we may also allow interaction between Player Characters. (Should this be something that RPG authors can control?)

Characters have Qualities. Basically what they do all day is choose Cards, where each Card affects one or more Qualities in some way, which affects what Cards they get next, until the game ends. (How does the game end? Or does that even happen? Do Characters die?)

Character Qualities (CQ)

A useful way to set up Character Qualities is to think of them as Skills, Menaces, and Other:

  • a Skill gives the Character more options
  • each Skill has a corresponding Menace
  • if the character uses a Skill to attempt something, and the attempt fails, the corresponding Menace goes up

StoryNexus may have some code to automate the relationship between skills and menaces; for now, we will probably depend on the Author to set up these relationships via Cards -- if I'm understanding properly how they're supposed to work.


The primary Skills in SnowRPG are Mind, Matter, Charm, and Magic; the corresponding Menaces are Weary, Wounded, Suspicious, and Troubled (is that in the same order?)

An "Other" CQ in SnowRPG is Chaos (or is that a Skill?).