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  • Purpose: root record for all content types
  • Fields:
    • ID_Class: ID of class record that is applicable to this Atom
      • This makes it possible to locate the appropriate code to display (or do other things with) an atom given only the atom's ID.
  • History:
    • 2013-03-12 Created, but not yet in use.
    • 2013-03-15 Most fields moved from post to atom.
    • 2013-06-28 "Summary" can't be a key if it's no longer a field.
    • 2013-07-19 Added "Class" field; corrected field descriptions referring to "question"
      • Maybe "QtyEdits" should be renamed "Version".
    • 2015-06-29 Stripped off timestamps, ownership, and revision #, since that stuff is now tracked in text.


<mysql> CREATE TABLE `pf_atom` (

  `ID_Class`    INT NOT NULL COMMENT "what type of chain is using this atom",


Not Used

I might later decide that some of these would be useful, but for now I'm taking out anything I can't immediately see a use for: <mysql>

  `WhenCreated` DATETIME         NOT NULL COMMENT "when the record-chain attached to this atom was created",
  `WhoCreated`  INT              NOT NULL COMMENT "ID (site-defined) of user who created it",
  `WhenEdited`  DATETIME     DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "when it was last edited",
  `WhoEdited`   INT          DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "ID of user who last edited it",
  `QtyEdits`    INT          DEFAULT NULL COMMENT "number of times it has been edited",