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A brief review of Certified Electrolysis Hair Removal Center in Durham (more later):

  • CEHRC is basically one person, Denise Edwards.
  • Trans-friendly, non-judgemental, and generally pleasant
    • This is both from email correspondence (see below) and personal experience.
  • Phone number is textable.


  • 2016-07-08 Email from me to CEHRC: "Greetings! I'm trying to find out if your practice is trans-friendly, because that doesn't seem to be mentioned on the web site. Thank you!"
  • 2016-07-12 no response; mailed printout of email
  • 2016-07-20 Email from Denise to me: "Yes we are. Please call 919-818-3569 if you would like to schedule a free consultation. Denise" and another email apologizing for not getting back to me sooner.