The Durham Center

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The Durham Center should not be confused with Durham Centre, a large modern office building in downtown Durham, NC.

The Durham Center (TDC) is a local management entity (LME) for mental health services in Durham, NC. According to their web site, "The Durham Center is responsible for ensuring that Durham County citizens who seek help for mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance abuse receive the services and supports for which they are eligible to achieve their goals and to live as independently as possible."

2013-03-09 update: It's not completely clear, but this notice would seem to indicate that TDC will no longer be the LME for Durham, and that the Durham's LME will now be something called Alliance Center, which will be the LME for Durham, Cumberland, Johnston and Wake counties.

Utilization Management

As of 2010-09-20, the utilization management[W] (UM) service for the Durham LME has been reclaimed by The Durham Center itself, and is now being provided in-house. There are apparently only a handful of LMEs in NC which are able to provide their own UM service, and reclaiming the service after allowing it to be farmed out to ValueOptions is apparently a first.

This had been planned for some time, but there were repeated delays. The 2008 financial meltdown and subsequent recession may have contributed somewhat, although apparently much of the delay was due to the need for IT support (mainly software) within TDC, rather than bureaucracy or budget cuts.

As of the changeover was going to happen
early 2009? July 2009
November 2009 April 2010
March 2010 July 2010
April 2010 September 2010

(It finally occurred on 2010-09-20.)