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  • Many of the Control Center modules require Administrator (root) privileges in order to view or change any information, which requires entering root's password. Whenever you go to a different module, the Control Center seems to forget that you have already entered root's password, and you have to do it again. Loading the Control Center itself as the root user results in none of the modules working properly. Is there any way to set things up so that you don't have to enter the root password more than once per Control Center session?
  • Having installed a package (in this case, "xpuzzles"), how do you figure out how to run the application(s)? In debian-based distros, synaptic will at least tell you what files it installed, from which you can figure out what command(s) will invoke it (and whether or not it created any menu entries). But yum (a Red Hat package manager) and YaST (the SUSE package manager) seem to lack this feature. (As does Aptitude, though I think the CLI apt can still get the info if you know how to use it.) (Or, in other words...)