PayPal Virtual Terminal service

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business: services: merchant card processing+PayPal: Virtual Terminal


The PayPal Virtual Terminal service allows merchants with a PayPal business account to process credit cards using a web browser.

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One minor disadvantage of this service over other credit card processing services is that you can only post refunds within 60 days of the original transaction; there is no facility to post credit to an arbitrary credit card. However, this should be a very rare necessity, and you can always transfer money to a checking account and refund the money by check. If the customer has a PayPal account, you can also send money that way.


Return Codes


CVV Code Meaning Matched Details
M Match CVV number itself
N No match none
P Not processed n/a
S Service not supported n/a
U Unavailable n/a
X No response n/a
error n/a


AVS Code Meaning Matched Details
A Address Address only (no ZIP)
B International "A" Address only (no ZIP)
C International "N" None; declined
D International "X" Address and Postal Code
E Not allowed for MOTO (Internet/Phone) transactions n/a; declined
F UK-specific "X" Address and Postal Code
G Global Unavailable n/a
I International Unavailable n/a
N No declined
P Postal (International "Z") Postal Code only (no Address)
R Retry n/a
S Service not Supported n/a
U Unavailable n/a
W Whole Zip Nine-digit ZIP code (no Address)
X Exact match Address and Nine-digit ZIP code
Y Yes Address and Five-digit ZIP code
Z ZIP Five-digit ZIP code (no Address)
Error n/a