North Pointe Kroger

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The Kroger supermarket in the North Pointe Shopping Center in Durham, NC is commonly referred to as the North Pointe Kroger.

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Bull City Rising wrote, on 2007-10-16:

One business that's not on the [water restriction exemption] list: the Kroger at North Pointe, which for two straight days has had sprinklers watering the plants for sale by the business's front door, helpfully sending a stream of water down the parking lot's slope and into the stormwater system. C'mon, Kroger, it's not like anyone is buying plants these days if they can't use city water to plant 'em.

I asked the Kroger staff on duty why they were running their sprinklers against even the pre-Monday night restrictions rules; they just shrugged their shoulders and suggested I call the store manager today. (The shoulder-shrug is sadly a common occurrence at the North Pointe Kroger, also seen when you ask questions such as "Why is the Starbucks never open at its posted morning time?" and "Why are these expired foods still on the shelf?")