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MySQL Query Browser is one of the GUI front-end client applications available for working graphically with the MySQL database engine. The Query Browser is generally intended for working with data and data schemas, rather than the administrative tasks for which the MySQL Administrator is designed.

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Version 1.1.8 (packaged for Ubuntu 6.10) is rather buggy in ways which seriously limit its usefulness, although it does provide the most essential functions such as browsing databases and tables, editing table data, and executing raw SQL code. Version 1.2.5beta (packaged for Ubuntu 7.04) seems to fix many or all of these bugs, in addition to providing much better support for some of the newer features of MySQL.

Issues in v1.1.8 include a tendency to crash when editing tables (this happens, unfortunately, before it even displays the required SQL, so you can't use it to work that out for you). This problem does not seem to affect the SQL window, so you can make the needed changes using SQL either in that window or via the CLI client – but working out the exact syntax can be tricky.


As of v1.2.12 (current in November, 2010), all of the major bugs and most of the minor ones seem to have been taken care of.


Main window of the Query Browser