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MonoDevelop is an IDE for Mono.

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  • project files: MonoDevelop does not register any file-types, so you can't load projects by double-clicking on them; if a project doesn't appear in the "recent" list (or won't open from there because it has been moved), you can open it with File->Open... and select the .mdp file.
  • The "create new project" dialog is a little confusing:
    • The project will live in a folder named after your project, which lives underneath whatever folder you select. You can't change the name of the final folder; e.g. if you already have a folder called YourProjectName for another version of that project, you can't put the MonoDev project in YourProjectName-MonoDev.
    • When you've entered all the necessary information to create the project, you have to press the [New] button to actually create it. This is apparently MonoDev-ish for [Create] or [Ok].