Midas (Durham, NC)

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This page is in need of updating. As of summer 2009, the store appears to be under new ownership.

The Midas location in Durham, NC is on the service road just north of 15-501 Business, a short way past the ABC store. They are apparently a family-owned business, under the same ownership (Jim and Sharon Roggenbuck) for at least a decade or two.


Although they do handle alignments, those are apparently done by the (inaccurately named!) Just Tires shop two buildings further down the access road.


We have generally been pleased with the knowledgeability of both the mechanics and the front-desk people at this place, with one recent exception: the mechanic (who was apparently new, and rather difficult to understand) claimed that our engine was clicking so much (a known problem) that he was afraid to change the oil, with the possible risks including throwing a rod. Without exception, every mechanic we have talked to since then (including working mechanics, amateurs, and mechanics who happened to be in the area on other business) has found this utterly ludicrous; the one remotely possible scenario in which this fear might be reasonable would be in the case of an engine which had not had its oil changed in a very long time and sludge had been allowed to accumulate. We ended up taking the car to Hawkins Auto Care instead, where they not only changed the oil but found that the reason the clicking had become so loud was that the oil was low – apparently a known issue with the type of engine on our 1997 Dodge Caravan. (They also said they had a good laugh about the other mechanic's claim.) Hopefully this guy was a new hire and will be replaced soon. --Woozle 10:17, 10 January 2007 (EST)