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LiquidThreads is an extension for MediaWiki which provides a page-oriented threaded forum. By default, all pages in the main namespace have forums on their talk pages.

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How To


  • {{#useliquidthreads:1}} causes the current page to be converted into a forum
  • {{:Thread:Talk:Page Name/Thread title}} transcludes a thread
  • <talkpage />, <thread />: presumably for embedding
    • These are mentioned here, but no syntax given

Answers Unknown

Is it possible to do the following, and if so how:

  • Transclude views of a discussion thread or topic list, e.g.:
    • table of all discussions on a given page (possibly with a maximum length)
    • list of all comments by a given user
    • table of all discussions or comments tagged with a given category
    • more complex queries (all comments by a given user tagged with a given category)
  • Disable threading within certain namespaces
    • $wgLqtNamespaces is supposed to do this, but it doesn't seem to work; an example would be helpful