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Krusader is a graphical file manager for KDE.



A Dialogue

<Dhraakellian> and, yes, there is a treeview
<Dhraakellian> there should be arrow buttons near the top that you can click to toggle stuff
<TheWoozle> Ok, I figured out the asymmetric thingy...
<TheWoozle> Will have to experiment with the treeview when the sync is done.
<Dhraakellian> click the up arrow in the pane's statusbar
<Dhraakellian> right above the "close tab" button
<Dhraakellian> you can also use the popup panel for the embedded filelight view
<Dhraakellian> which is ++nifty
* TheWoozle likes shiny filelight
<Dhraakellian> better than kdirstat from what I've seen
<TheWoozle> Now Krusader is giving me the same error, with the same options. No retry.
<Dhraakellian> and krusader's filelight is better than regular filelight
<TheWoozle> But a much wider dialog box.
<Dhraakellian> hmm
<TheWoozle> And I can't copy the message.... but do its error messages ordinarily end with "!"?

<TheWoozle> It looks like it's trying to copy index.php from one place to another... but it might be trying to call it "index.php!" at the target, for some unknown reason... but I don't *think* that would cause a problem on FTP/Linux...

<TheWoozle> Guess I'll auto-skip and run the sync again when it's done.
<Dhraakellian> ja
<TheWoozle> Maybe it's having trouble because it doesn't like FTPing directly from an archive... I should unzip and then upload from that.


<TheWoozle> Another problem with Krusader... it's smart enough to compare timestamps on the files, but it doesn't seem to be smart enough to *set* the timestamp when it updates a file.

<TheWoozle> So it will still report the same timestamp mismatches after a sync that it reported beforehand.
* TheWoozle tells it to "ignore date" and runs the compare again.
<TheWoozle> "Save settings on exit" crashed it the 2nd time, too.
<TheWoozle> And the 3rd time.
<TheWoozle> I think we have a reliable bug here.
<TheWoozle> However, I'll be kind and suggest that it's probably this version of Ubuntu, as other apps seem crash-prone.
<TheWoozle> I still don't see the button to make it a treeview, however.

<TheWoozle> Still has errors going between unzipped files and FTP... I think the server connection just periodically croaks briefly... a retry button would solve the problem. Or automatic retries, even. >.<

<TheWoozle> And, failing those, just a *list* of files it couldn't read.


The synchronize dialog closes when the synchronize operation is done – even if there were errors. This means you have to start all over again with the comparison, which in this case took several hours (over 2 days) of repeatedly acknowledging error popups. Not very practical. --Woozle 10:39, 22 May 2006 (EDT)