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the 1BU5 set for DVD input


The Honda 1BU5 is a media player found in Honda Odysseys, and possibly other models, in the early 2000s. It has a segmented LCD display and can play audio CDs, MP3 CDs, MP3 DVDs, and video DVDs.

If power to the electrical system is lost, this device typically locks out all functionality and requires a 5-digit PIN to unlock it -- see Honda/Odyssey/PIN for general instructions. PIN recovery requires the device's serial number, which can be found by following these instructions. The PIN should be entered using the 1BU5's number keys (not on the separate touchscreen).


Although this device always (based on limited data) seems to be accompanied with a touchscreen – which can access media player functions as well as navigation – and a DVD player, it's unclear whether these are considered part of the 1BU5, and whether the touchscreen's navigation functions originate from the 1BU5 or from an external device.

Known Models