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Later-model Odysseys tend to have PIN protection on certain console devices. These are factory-set and not user-settable. Honda maintains a database which maps serial numbers to PINs, and provides a web-based lookup site. Some 3rd-party instructions state that dealers can also look up this information[1].

The method for looking up serial numbers depends on the device, and the exact devices involved depend on the model year and submodel.

  • 1BU5 audio player with segmented monochrome LCD display
  • touchscreen (includes navigation)


  • - for retrieving PINs (needs VIN plus device serial number)
    • You can retrieve up to two devices at once; after that, you will have to re-enter your information.
    • The information will be displayed on the web and emailed to you.
    • There does not appear to be any limitation on the number of requests per VIN or email address.


  1. ...but our nearest dealer was unable to do so. The service representative we were assigned was unable to give us the PIN for the radio, even after the technician unlocked it, and insisted that we needed to contact Garmin to unlock the touchscreen.