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The HP G60 is a wide-screen laptop PC with several variants (sub-models). The sub-model number can be found on a label on the unit's underside.

All of them have a full keyboard with numeric keypad. Some models support up to 4GB RAM, but I have not yet been able to confirm whether this is true for all sub-models; many units being sold on eBay only have 3GB.

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  • Screen: apparently different sub-models use different screens. These are the ones I know about:
    • LTN156AT01 -- G60-530US
    • LTN160AT02 -- G60-125NR
      • Just for those two: The connectors are the same, but the 56AT01 is physically a little smaller than the 60AT02 and the screw holes are in different places (only one hole on each side lines up with the brackets for the second one). I was able to mount a 56AT01 inside a G60-125NR, but the screen would not light up, so there may be other incompatibilities.
  • RAM: "1GB DDR2 SODIM,J" (DDR2-400) seems to be compatible (Kingston and PNY both tested ok)
    • official specs say 2GB max, but at least one unit I tested was able to support 4GB.