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The LTN156AT01 is a CCFL screen used in laptops (and possibly small monitors).


Note that the connector which claims to be a "locking connector" really isn't; it actually seems to be a zero-insertion force socket, with thick adhesive tape attached to the shell to hold it in place when connected. When connecting, push the plug gently into the socket until it visually appears seated. Do not expect to hear a "click". I found the connector very easy to damage (not sure if it's the display's socket that broke or the cable's plug; still researching this) when I thought I needed to push harder to engage the "lock".

Replacing Backlight

The backlight lamp on this model seems to have a history of burning out after a few years, sometimes appearing orange or pink and often blinking out entirely after some minutes of continuous use.

Replacing the lamp is difficult, and it is probably not designed to be serviceable. I was able to do it, but the screen lighting is now rather uneven.


I avoided removing any tape from the top edge of the display partly because of the stern warning attached -- "DON'T TOUCH THE TRANSPARENT TAPE" -- and partly because the lamp is located on the bottom edge.

It was necessary to peel back (but not completely remove) the yellow tape from the side and bottom edges, and to peel back the metal tape from the bottom edge.

Next, the metal frame needed to be carefully lifted back (still attached at the top), using a small flathead screwdriver to wedge it loose from the various click-points.

Methodology for accessing the lamp area remains unclear at this time, but it had something to do with prizing the white plastic frame up and then kind of separating things. There was a flap of shiny cardboard-ish or plastic which had to be awkwardly pulled out... and at that point the bottom bracket stuff seemed to be willing to move downward, making it possible to remove the lamp.

The new lamp was slightly wider than the old one, which was awkward, but with some gentle but insistent wedging, I was able to get it in and get everything back together.