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FormTool, by IMSI (web), is a Windows application for creating database-linked smart computer forms and reports, with a focus on live forms filled out on the computer. These forms can be automated to some degree, and indeed at least one niche-commercial-grade application (BookEm) has been developed with it. In that respect, FormTool may be usable as a replacement for more expensive development platforms such as Microsoft Access.

As of 2015-01-31, it does not appear to be available from IMSI anymore.

As a platform

Deployment appears to be an issue, however, as there does not appear to be any obvious support for automated installation of the form-filler executable (despite the fact that licenses for unlimited copying of the form-filler executable are available) so that the end-user can automatically install both (a) any developed applications requiring FormTool and (b) the FormTool form-filler required to run them.

see /deployment for more