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FirstData Corporation LLC is a company involved with data-processing software for merchant card processing.

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This may be the same company as "First Data Solutions, Inc." which was sued to prevent it from selling cellphone numbers: "Several wireless providers, including T-Mobile, Verizon and Cingular, filed earlier lawsuits against records brokers, with Cingular winning an injunction against First Data Solutions and 1st Source Information Specialists on Jan. 13." [W]

2007-10-20 Received wikispam with a link to That web page, in turn, claims to be the home page of "FirstData Utilities", a firm whose logo is identical with that of FirstData Corporation (FDC). The page does not look at all like FDC's actual home page. Also, they resolve to different IP addresses: =, = The "" page seems to be advertising a product called "Peace® Customer Information System (CIS)", which may be why they registered the domain name (probably paying an absurd sum for it, too, given that it's both short and a dictionary word).

A whois on "" reveals that it is owned by "The Cuvier Trust", about which there does not seem to be any further information. --Woozle 19:44, 20 October 2007 (EDT)