Fickle Creek Farm

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Fickle Creek Farm and Bed and Breakfast is located in Efland, NC. Their products may be obtained every Saturday morning at the Durham Farmers' Market, Eno River Farmers Market, South River Farmers' Market, and other places.

From the web site:

Fickle Creek Farm strives to provide farm fresh, healthy products to its customers through careful environmental stewardship, sustainable practices, and humane animal treatment.

Fruits and vegetables are naturally grown without inorganic chemical inputs.

Eggs, chicken, and pork come from free-ranging flocks on pasture that never receive synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products.

Steers and sheep are all raised on pasture without medicated feed or synthetic hormones.

We share our farm with others through farm tours and our unique bed & breakfast experience.

Apprentices contribute to farm activities and learn all aspects of farm enterprises.


From a 2009 email:

All our products come from animals that are raised humanely on our diverse and environmentally sustainable farm in Orange County NC. All animals are raised without confinement on pesticide-free pastures and never receive antibiotics or hormones.


We buy Jersey steers from Chapel Hill Creamery and raise them for two years on pasture. We buy feeder pigs from local farmers that we trust and respect. Sheep are bred and raised as a closed flock entirely at Fickle Creek.


We raise laying hens and meat birds from day-old chicks and provide them locally sourced, vegetarian feed as they range freely on pesticide-free pasture and in the woods.


We collect eggs two or three times a day from eggmobiles that are moved each week to fresh ground so that the hens fertilize the farm as they range far and wide to eat vegetation and insects.