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Enigmail's key-management seems to come entirely from GPG (currently gpg2) -- so you can use gpg commands to manage keys if Enigmail won't cooperate.

To export keys from one system to another:

  1. Export settings from source system:
    • <bash>gpg2 --export-secret-keys > seckeysfile</bash>
    (I actually tried gpg first. It produces a file but does not ask for a passphrase. gpg2 asked for a passphrase. Both files are 4890 bytes in length, but the gpg version might not work.)
  2. Copy seckeysfile to destination system.
  3. Close Thunderbird on destination.
  4. Import keys to destination:
    • <bash>gpg --import seckeysfile</bash>
    • <bash>gpg2 --import seckeysfile</bash>
    (I don't know whether the gpg line is necessary or might have worked without the gpg2 line.)

Commands found here, situation which made this necessary described here.