Crossroads European Automotive Inc.

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Crossroads European Automotive Inc. is an independent automotive service and repair business in Durham, NC specializing in BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, VW, and Audi makes. It is located on NC 55 just south of the intersection with NC 54.

problems with Bill Aulcino

In 1990, owner Bill Aulcino appears to have been involved in a kidnapping ring mostly targeting highly successful drug dealers. This vigilantism may have been intended as a form of public service, given his past history as a legitimate Narcotics Corrections officer in Brooklyn, NY.

Unfortunately, Aulcino also seems to see it as his public duty to rid the world -- or at least the roads between his home and business -- of bicyclists; see this discussion on the Triangle Cycling forum / mailing list. HTYP does not know if Aulcino has responded to these allegations.