Can not find unit UTF8Process used by Svn2RevisionInc

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"svn2revisioninc.pas(51,40) Fatal: Can not find unit UTF8Process used by Svn2RevisionInc." is an error produced by Lazarus IDE. The problem seems to be that the compiler is looking for the file "utf8process.pp" and can't find it. In my case, it was in /usr/lib/lazarus/1.0.10/lcl, but apparently the compiler doesn't look there by default.

The problem can be worked around by copying the file to the project folder (in my case "/usr/lib/lazarus/1.0.10/tools", since I was rebuilding the IDE), but that shouldn't be necessary.


  • Tools -> Configure "Build Lazarus"
  • After "Profile to build", select "Clean Up + Build all"
  • Press "Build" button
  • If this results in a permissions error, set the mode to 777 for the folder in question (in my case, "/usr/lib/lazarus/1.0.10/tools").

This cleared the current error, but resulted in a new one: