Can not find unit FileUtil used by UTF8Process

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Can not find unit FileUtil used by UTF8Process is an error message produced by Lazarus IDE when trying to recompile the IDE itself.

(Note that this is ungrammatical; it should say "Cannot find unit...".)

Installing (with apt-get) the package "lcl-1.0.10" fixed this problem, but resulted in:

  • lazarus.pp(51,3) Fatal: Can not find unit Interfaces used by Lazarus.
    • I eventually fixed this, I think, by installing more apt-get packages.
  • "Can't find unit Cairo used by gdk2"
    • Installing "fpc" (and some dependencies) seemed to fix this.
  • /usr/lib/lazarus/1.0.10/ide/editoroptions.pp(5705,1) Error: Can't write resource file "/usr/lib/lazarus/1.0.10/units/x86_64-linux/gtk2/editoroptions.res"
    • This turned out to be an ownership problem with just that one file; I changed ownership to me:me.
  • Same problem with lazarus.res; same fix.

...and then it basically worked.