Bryant Driving School

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Bryant Driving School was a driving school in Durham, NC since at least the 1970s. As of 2013-05-21, however, they seem to be out of business. Their listed address is now occupied by another business, and their phone number is "disconnected or no longer in service".

There are indications of a branch in Raleigh, NC which may still be active.


We have no current contact information for anyone connected with this company. The following is listed for completeness:

  • Address: 1802 Martin Luther King Parkway / Suite 1802-206 / Durham, NC 27713
  • Phone: 919-489-7550 - on 2013-05-21, calling this number received a message saying that the number is "disconnected or no longer in service"

The street address is listed in a number of places; the suite number is still (as of 2013-05-21) listed on the directory sign in front of the office complex, but the suite in question has another business's name ("Their Light") on the door.