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BroadSail is a pay-as-you-go wireless internet service in the NC Crystal Coast. It appears to be a franchise run by, a company based in Wilmnington, NC.

Access is purchased in blocks of time ranging from one hour to several weeks. The base price grants access to only one device at a time, but additional devices can be added for a surcharge. From memory, some of the prices as of July 2013:

  • 1 day: $10
    • 2 devices: ~$12.50 (total)
  • 3 days: $25

Access is gained by logging into, which is the only site available prior to login; all other domains are redirected there. They do not seem to support renewal of existing accounts; you basically have to re-create the account from scratch, including the username, password, contact information, and payment.

It's not clear whether they support IMAP or ssh protocols; I was unable to connect to my home server via either, but that might have been due to a number of factors.