Beyond Belief conference

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The Beyond Belief conference "is an annual meeting organized by The Science Network (TSN), which brings together a community of concerned scientists, philosophers, scholars from the humanities, and social commentators to explore the human quest for the Good Life. The Science Network shares Carl Sagan’s vision of science as a candle in the dark. TSN is committed to enlarging the constituency of reason by making programs about science. More programs, more candles, more light."

Beyond Belief #1

Took place in 2006; no other information at present

Beyond Belief: Enlightenment 2.0

Took place October 31 - November 1, 2007


There may be additional sessions not yet found & catalogued.

2007-10-31 Wednesday

2007-11-01 Thursday

2007-11-02 Friday

  • Session 1 (4:03:24)
    • 0:02:40 Sam Harris: dislikes the term "atheism"...
    • 1:04:50 Daniel Lord Smail: apparently the public schools in NYC teach history as beginning in 4000 BC...
    • 1:49:42 Jeff Hawkins: a quick thought about entrepreneurs and getting things (specifically, E2.0) done
    • 1:56:18 PZ Myers speaks from the audience, in response to questions
      • 2:01:08 Sam Harris responds to one of Myers's points
    • 2:03:34 [ break in continuity ]
    • 2:09:15 moderator dialogue with Dennett
    • 3:31:29 moderator dialogue with Sir Harold Kroto (seems to cut off a bit prematurely)