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Applegate, formerly Applegate Farms, is a maker of organic animal-derived food products including meats and cheeses.

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It's not clear whether Applegate actually owns/operates any farms or mainly acts as a centralized distributor for meat grown by others. The "our story - our roots" page sounds very genuine, but gives very few objective details and does not even mention where Applegate is located, much less anything specific about their animal husbandry procedures.



Their meats (bacon, turkey ham[1]) are popular with the kids and seem to be free of unnecessary chemicals as advertised. Rating: Recommended. --Woozle 10:17, 22 November 2005 (EST) (and Harena)


  1. As of 2020-05-06, they do not seem to make/carry turkey ham anymore. Based on memory, this has probably been the case for several years now.