Apache httpd

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This page is about the Apache web server software.


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useful commands

  • apachectl
    • apachectl configtest tests the current configuration without trying to load it (which could result in Apache not running), and gives diagnostic information
  • a2enmod <module_name> enables a module
  • a2dismod <module_name> disables a module
  • apache2_invoke: just noticed this in an update, not sure what it does (something like a2enmod?)

Enabling a module is usually just a matter of making links from the module's configuration files (sometimes there is more than one file) in /mods-available and putting them in /mods-enabled, but this is a safe and quick way to make sure that all the necessary files are linked.

To see all accesses to your Apache server in more-or-less real-time, run the following from your Apache logfile directory:

find . -name "*.log" | xargs tail -f

Note that if you are using Virtualmin to configure Apache, logfiles for the domains will probably be in /var/log/virtualmin.