2007-08-24 theage.com.au problem

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<TehWuzyl> What might cause web browsers on different machines to get different results from trying to access the same web site?
<TehWuzyl> Trying to access theage.com.au from Gonzo, I get a page with the words "It worked!" and nothing else...
<TehWuzyl> ...but other machines on the network (one Linux, one Windows, both using Firefox) accessed what looks like the proper site.
<TehWuzyl> And we've had a problem with a ComicGenesis-hosted site, although that may or may not be related. But it's equally mysterious.
<TehWuzyl> Ok, I've just tried it with Konqueror on Gonzo, and I get the same results as Firefox. So it seems to be machine-related.
<TehWuzyl> On gonzo, www.theage.com.au resolves to = 96.f6.ead8.static.theplanet.com; on Mokey (where I get the proper site), it resolves to either or
<TehWuzyl> ...with no associated domain name, and the pings don't return.
<TehWuzyl> Is there any way to figure out what DNS servers are being used to resolve a domain name?
<TehWuzyl> nslookup says the "server" for Gonzo is, which seems to be at xmission.com, which is where it is supposed to be...
<TehWuzyl> nslookup on Bunsen says the server is Gonzo, which is also correct... but why would Gonzo give a different answer than what it gets?
<TehWuzyl> I restarted dnsmasq, and now the address is resolving properly -- but I'm still getting the wrong page on firefox. And Konqueror.

The two web pages I have tried loading are:

The machine-dependence of this problem, as well as the general description of the web page received when the correct page is not, are remniscent of the 2007-07-27 ComicGenesis problem.