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One ongoing challenge for web developers has been to provide full what you see is what you get editing capabilities on a web site, preferably implemented in open source code.

Google Docs is one closed source but otherwise successful solution, showing that it can be done.


Each of the following were tested by pasting the contents of a document from LibreOffice 3.0. The document contained one embedded image.

  • CKEditor - maintains most formatting (including coloring and indentation), but loses centering and images
  • TinyMCE - preserves coloring and indentation, but not centering or images
  • Visual editor - preserves only text; loses all formatting
    • this extension is still under development, so the pasting may be improved later
  • MeanEditor - not quite WYSIWYG, but still preserves coloring, indentation, and centering

not evaluated

  • WikEd: graphical but not necessarily WYSIWYG; couldn't find a demo page